Coaching - What it Includes

Helping and Supporting others to make change is my passion. By utilising all my experience as a Change Therapist, Grey Area Drinking Coach and Sober Women, I will lead you through the adventure and show you that Sober is not boring. In fact, it is the best gift you could ever give yourself.

Bespoke Sessions

Four Bodies of Wellness

Resources will work to support all areas of your lifestyle and wellbeing, Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.

Supporting your mood by working to balance your brain chemistry with connection, nutrition, movement, creativity, relaxation, music, and learning.

Addressing all areas of your life to achieve a strong new mindset and behaviour patterns.

Overcoming any feelings of deprivation or missing out.

Direct Support

Both 1:1 clients and group coaching have access to SoBerYou private facebook group and direct contact through Whatsapp.


SoBerYou’s aim and vision is to create opportunities for women to connect and improve their lives.  

Although there are numerous excellent online platforms offering connection. I saw a need for smaller group connections online and physically.

This is why, I offer the group coaching programs, Sober Socials and have the private FB group. Nothing beats meeting likeminded women, on the same adventure. Sharing experiences, offloading, and having fun.

Whatever program you choose, connection will be a strong element, whether to me, others in your group, Facebook or at Sober Socials.

In his Ted Talk, British Journalist Johann Hari concludes that “The opposite of Addiction is Connection”

Connection to others on your Sober Adventure will offer you support, the feeling of belonging and inclusion rather than isolation.

How you interact with others affects your brain and your thoughts. It has a strong influence on your health and happiness. Our brains experience reward during social interactions, the very same chemical response to drinking the first glass of alcohol.

We all like to feel part of a tribe, whether that be family, friends, work colleagues or other groups.

Why & How I Can Help You?

I have over 22 years’ experience in supporting others in various setting to making change within their lives.

This has taken place in various settings including Social Care, Educational and now in my own private practice Changing Status which was established in 2011 of which SoBerYou is a specialist element.

I have provided support to clients using my professional qualifications and personal experiences. I am qualified in Grey Area Drinking Coaching, IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy), NLP, Hypnotherapy and I am a Reiki Master & Teacher.

This has supported me in helping many clients overcome unwanted and problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviours including Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Trauma and associated fears and phobias. It became clear to me that many were using alcohol to numb out any discomfort and they fell within the Grey Area of Drinking.

Get instant access to my 30 day online, video-based course giving you the tools you need to help you on your sober adventure.